About Us

Although Legacy Well Services (formerly known as Hub City Industries, LLC) is the new company name, our personnelĀ have been providing acid stimulation and general pumping services for several decades. At Legacy Well Services, we provide our customers with working experience. We have maintained a reputation of first class equipment, first class personnel and first class service. We have increased our equipment and personnel to keep up with the growing demands of today's oil field needs. We are capable of handling cementĀ plugs, squeezes and all your remedial cementing needs, as well as dome pumping and plant work. Legacy Well Services offers high dollar systems and services at low dollar prices.

Our Services

  • Acidizing

    Legacy Well Services performs acidizing treatments to reduce pump in pressures, increase injection rates, remove hydrocarbon contamination and reestablish formation wetting.

  • Gravel Packing

    The process of gravel packing a new well or an old well - after it is either newly drilled or after a workover - is very complex. Gravel pack sand is placed between the screen and the annular space in the casing.

  • General Pumping

    Legacy Well Services also supplies general pumping for clients with the practical working experience needed in this intricate industry.

  • Product Testing

    When we are testing oils, we are testing for chemical compatibility. All of our analytical reports will include pictures to demonstrate to the customer what exactly we are looking for and what they should expect.

  • Cementing

    We will be able to create a cement system specific to the design of each job. We have cement additives that are used to lengthen or shorten the setting time of the cement, decrease the amount of fluid loss and strengthen the cement.

  • Offshore Skids

    Legacy Well Services offshore pumping skids and 25 barrel portable blender are light, compact, and versatile pumping units. Skid units allow and accommodate acidizing, gravel packing and product batch mixing in areas such as inland waters and offshore.

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